San Diego

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What a great week we had in San Diego, California!  We stayed at the Hyatt in Mission Bay and did so much.


And you can find more pictures from our family vacation HERE!

Go Big Blue!

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Mom and E watching the Giants win the Super Bowl at our neighbor’s house.

Giants 21 Patriots 17. Go Big Blue!

Karate Man

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A Very Panoff Christmas, 2011

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Another year, another great Christmas celebration in Rhode Island!

Mystery Reader

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Today dad was the Mystery Reader in Ethan’s kindergarten class and Ethan was sure surprised.  We read our favorite book – Summer – and dad gave the whole class sunglasses to wear!

Happy Thanksgiving

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Another great Thanksgiving on Nana & Poppies farm…

Hudson, Ethan, Lana, and Sydney

Happy 2nd Birthday to Syd the Kid!

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For Syd’s 2nd birthday – the whole family came over to the house to celebrate!  Syd got everything from a doggie vet kit to dress up clothes and shoes!  And of course, Nana A made an Elmo cake that was a hit…

Halloween Snowstorm

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This post is more for the kids to remember…but this was the ‘famous’ Halloween snowstorm.

In the end, we had lost power for almost 5 days!  We had to spend 4 nights at Nana A’s house in Ossining before we were able to come home.  We spent the first night in the house, but then it started to get colder – the house temperature was around 48 degrees by the 5th day until the power came back on to warm things up.

Good thing in the beginning we had lots of flash lights, candles, and a transistor radio!


Happy 5th Birthday, Ethan!

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For Ethan’s 5th Birthday party this year – we had all the new neighborhood kids over to the house.  Gluten free pizza and cupcakes for everyone!!


Ethan’s 1st Day of Kindergarten

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Today was E’s first day of kindergarten.  He rode the big bus to school with all his friends.  Here’s E and I at the bus stop in the morning…

Note: Dad isn’t holding a beer…it’s an umbrella.  :)